Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time Keeps Tiki'n Away

May 13, 2009 Our school is getting reading for the End of Grade tests. As an act of compassion, our social committee provided us with a Luau of refreshments. They knew that we could use something to lift our spirits before testing started next week. I was asked to make a cake to help teachers with their "pre-testing blues". Although having an "EOG in flames" cake would make many teachers smile, I felt it wasn't an appropriate sentiment. Luckily, I found out the theme was tropical and decided to do a Tiki idol instead. I figured "Say Aloha to the EOG" was encouraging without being distructive.

The cake was constructed of 8 inch rounds cut in half and set on end. The cake was covered with chocolate butter cream. The eyes, nose, flowers, leaves, and mouth were made of marshmallow fondant.

The staff loved the cake. It was quickly "hacked" into shreds. Many people say they hate to cut cakes because they are so pretty.But personally I get my feelings hurt when it's not cut. I love to see a cake board that's licked clean. To me, it's a sign of success.

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