Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MIA-The reappearence on the blog

February 8, 2011

Things have changed so much since the last time I posted. I've had a baby. Taken a maternity leave from cakes. Gotten back to baking and have taken pictures of what I've done. I just haven't been good about posting them. So here is what I have been up to.

Birthday cake for a mother-in-law April 13, 2010

Cake for our last night of graduate school April 22, 2o1o

Gabriela's butterfly birthday cake April 29, 2010

Crazy Monkey Cake May 21, 2010Hulk Hogan Birthday cake June 4, 2010

Mollie's gift cake June 5, 2010

Twin baby shower cake June 13, 2010

Free Bird retirement cake June 14, 2010

Ladybug birthday cake August 27, 2010

Flower child 60th November 17, 2010
Carter's Thomas Mountain cake November 20, 2010

Ariel Birthday cake and sea creature cupcakes January 15, 2011

Little Prince baby shower cake January 23, 2011

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hannah's 1st Birthday

April 8, 2010

Amanda's daughter Hannah turned 1 this year. They had her a pink and purple cupcake party. So I was in charge of making a cupcake tower, cupcakes for the cupcake tree, and a patty cake for Hannah to demolish. I used pink, purple, and white butter cream for the cupcake icing and then used marshmallow fondant to create the polka dots.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Avatar-The last Airbender

April 30, 2010

Thomas wanted an Avatar birthday cake. Initially I thought that he meant Avatar the movie, with the blue people with tails (I haven't seen the movie). But boy was I wrong. He wanted Aang from the cartoon The last Airbender off of Nickelodeon. Once I knew what I was doing, it wasn't that hard of a cake to do. I used royal icing flooding to create the picture of Aang (don't ask me how to pronounce that). The outlines were so thin I had to paint the edges with food coloring. I hope it was a birthday he enjoyed.

Graduation Cake

April 22, 2010

For the last day of graduate school, my classmates and I decided to bring some snacks. They of course have heard me talk for almost two years about my blog and my cakes, so I decided to make us a graduation cake. I used chocolate butter cream icing to make the black outline and leaves. It is easier to make black when the icing is already dark from the chocolate.

Rebecca's Baby shower

April 18, 2010

Rebecca is a coworker of mine who teaches 9t third grade. Unlike myself, she went ahead and found out she was having a girl, Lilly-Ann Marie. Unfortunately, I misspelled her name on the cake. I felt awful. I had intended to take an extra bag just in case I needed to respell the name. But of course pregnancy brain makes you forget things. Otherwise I was very pleased with how the cake turned out. Brown and pink is always a cute combination-especially when the brown is chocolate butter cream icing.

Mother-in-Law's birthday


Cristan's mother-in-law, Margo, was having a birthday with the family. So I got a call to make her a birthday cake. Spring flowers are always nice. I am particularly proud of the roses. I also like the color combination. Don't ask me what the other flower are, I kinda just made them up.

Susan's 60th Surprise Birthday

March 27, 2010
Amanda's mom turned 60 this year, so her girls (Amanda and Rebecca) decided to throw her a surprise party. I chose a damask font to create the butter cream designs on the side. I used royal icing flood and an Ivy font to create the 60 topper. I was worried the pink would be too bright, but once I got it set up with all the decorations it fit in nicely. I am just honored they asked me to be a part of such a special celebration.