Friday, March 27, 2009

Wild About Books!

September 2008

Our Fall book fair had a jungle theme. So Amanda had me make a jungle cake for the teachers' book fair preview party. I was thrilled because it was my first opportunity to work with chocolate flooding. I free handed all of the animals and then used my drawing as templates for the flooding. The cake had lions, giraffes, leopard, rhinos, and hippos.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hooray for Birthday!

I have been making cakes for over a year, but I've only just now started my blog. So I thought I would post some of the pictures of the cakes that I've done. I think it is so much fun to try new techniques. I am always excited when someone has a birthday coming up. I get to make something new and delicious!

August 2008
My family has a lot of August birthday, so they kept me busy. I got of lot of practice making flowers.

Great Aunt Nadine's Cake

Daddy and Aunt Deborah's Cake

Jennifer's Cake

Jennifer is my assistant. It's her first year at Claremont and her birthday was the first week of school. So I wanted to do something to make it special for her.

September 2008

Maria Turns 40!

My coworker, Maria turned 40 so I wanted to do something special. I am not one for the traditional black cakes or "over the hill" motifs.

November 2008

Papaw Turns 80!
My Papaw George turned 80 and my Mom asked me to do the cake! I was really nervous, but we were all pleased with how it turned out. I even sculpted a white chocolate figure of him in a boat to go on top.

December 2008

Zachery's Firetruck Cake
I used a transfer truck cake pan to make this cake. I cut and moved the wheels and free handed the design. I was pleased with how it turned out. Zach's a 5th grader, so I didn't want it to look to "kiddie

Ashley's Birthday Cupcakes

My coworker, Ashley is a December baby like me. So I decided to make her cupcakes for her birthday. She loves snowmen, and I had just bought a cupcake book. They dumped over in my car on the way to school, but luckily I took pictures before I left the house.

Vanessa's 50th Birthday

Vanessa aka Nay-Nay is Maria's sister. Maria was so impressed with her 40th cake, she asked me to make one for her sister's 50th birthday. I told her I would use the "red hat" colors since she was 50.

January 2009

Darcy's Princess Cake

My niece, Darcy turned 3 in Janunary. She wanted a princess cake. She was worried when I went to cut it. She thought I would hurt the Barbie. But after I took the Barbie out of the middle, she lost interest in the cake. Well what can I say? She's 3, who would blame her?

The Marathon Weekend

Super Hero Cake

In general, Spring is a busy time of year. But this weekend turned into a marathon of non-stop events. I was scheduled to make two cakes for this weekend; a birthday cake for Zachary and a baby shower cake for Amanda. I'm a school teacher so we had to go to school for a 1/2 day on Saturday. Then I had to leave directly after and go to graduate class. So I ended up staying up Friday night decorating Zach's "Super Hero" cake and took it to school with me on Saturday. I was really excited about it. It is my first marshmallow fondant experience. My favorite part was the "Gotham City" on the bottom layer. Apparently it was the hit of the party! I'm so proud!

Baby Blossom Cake

The inspiration for this cake actually came from the baby bedding. I made the flowers, snails, and butterflies out of marshmallow fondant. I love the pink and green color combination. I always get a kick out people when they say "it's too pretty to cut". That's my favorite part about making cakes, you get to enjoy it's beauty as well as it's taste. I'm definitely not afraid to hack into it.