Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello Kitty Capers!

April 29,2009Today is my cousin Gabriela's 7th birthday. She decided she wanted a Hello Kitty party. I thought Hello Kitty was fairly popular until I went to find cake pans and cake decorating accessories. Since I couldn't find anything, I had to go out "on my own" with the cake design. What I ended up with was a large royal icing Hello Kitty face on the top of a pink buttercream cake with pink royal icing ribbons around the sides.

While making the cake, I ran into several little snafus. First off, I dropped the 1st Hello Kitty face on the floor after I had just flooded it with royal icing. It smeared on my hardwood floor and I had to redo it. So then with my 2nd Hello Kitty face, I was "testing" it to see if it was dry enough to place on the cake and it broke into pieces. Finally poor Hello Kitty made it to the cake after the 3rd try.

I had planned some more elaborate designs for this cake, but I like the way it turned out. It's 100% girlie, just like Gabriela!

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