Saturday, June 6, 2009

Christina and Chris' Wedding Cake

June 6, 2009

Chris and Christina are our next door neighbors who were brave enough to hire me to do thier wedding cake. I did a 50th wedding anniversary cake last July, but I hadn't yet had the opportunity to do a wedding cake. Christina and I designed the cake together, marshmallow fondant and edible pearls. We had initially thought of doing a three tier cake with an additional sheet to the side. But I decided instead to make it a four tier cake.

The 14 inch and 8 inch tiers were covered in Cornelli lace made out of royal icing. I also used royal icing to attach the edible pearls. Since royal icing dries hard, I knew that it would travel and hold up better than had I used butter cream. Ribbon was used around the bottom of the cake to incorporate the wedding colors.
I used a plain square for the base, the 14 inch was too large to fit on a round cake stand. I hope to one day have a square silver cake stand to add to the display of my wedding cakes.

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