Monday, March 9, 2009

The Marathon Weekend

Super Hero Cake

In general, Spring is a busy time of year. But this weekend turned into a marathon of non-stop events. I was scheduled to make two cakes for this weekend; a birthday cake for Zachary and a baby shower cake for Amanda. I'm a school teacher so we had to go to school for a 1/2 day on Saturday. Then I had to leave directly after and go to graduate class. So I ended up staying up Friday night decorating Zach's "Super Hero" cake and took it to school with me on Saturday. I was really excited about it. It is my first marshmallow fondant experience. My favorite part was the "Gotham City" on the bottom layer. Apparently it was the hit of the party! I'm so proud!

Baby Blossom Cake

The inspiration for this cake actually came from the baby bedding. I made the flowers, snails, and butterflies out of marshmallow fondant. I love the pink and green color combination. I always get a kick out people when they say "it's too pretty to cut". That's my favorite part about making cakes, you get to enjoy it's beauty as well as it's taste. I'm definitely not afraid to hack into it.

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